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Orbit Family complements the Orbit Early Years website and app, making it easier for families to be involved in their young children's activities and achievements when they are at school, nursery, or with a child minder.

Here's how it works for families:

  1. Early Years providers using Orbit can invite you to link to their child's record in Orbit.
  2. You receive an email invitation, register yourself as an Orbit user on this website and accept the invitation to link to your child's Orbit record.
  3. You are now connected in real-time with your child's learning through this website.

For families, Orbit Family makes it easy to:

  • Share information about your child and family with their provider(s)
  • assessments iconSee observations and/or assessments made about your child's learning and photos of their other experiences in real-time.
  • postcards iconShare your child's at-home learning activities with their provider(s)

Education is best when it's a partnership between providers and home—with children benefiting most when their family is consistently and actively involved*.

The connection through Orbit Family makes it easier for provider and home to keep updated with each child's abilities, needs, and preferences and gives children the best chance of fulfilling their potential.

Orbit Family is free for anyone to use. If you've been invited by your child's Early Years provider to participate in your child's education in Orbit, then please register today!

*Source "The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children's Education" ref: DCSF-00924-2008.